Update on the Digital Bolex camera.

As I wrote in a previous post, my friend Joe Rubinstein has been working on a digital cinema camera which would put the ability to capture and work with RAW footage in the hands of consumers and artists at a price point that would make the camera widely available. The group is getting down to the finalstages on the system, and a few weeks back I was brought on to photograph the  latest prototype model. Here are a few of the images of the Digital Bolex D16 Camera.

The company wanted to go with a simple and clean look to showcase the new model, with and without the lens. I’ll be photographing the camera again when they have a fully working model and I’m excited about some of the ideas we have thrown around with how and where we are going to shoot it. I can’t wait to get my hands on a working camera to shoot some footage as well! Below is a short video that Joe shot of me which is not seen very often, me, in a studio, shooting not a person, with hot lights. Enjoy.

NBA Jams…Photographing the LA Clippers from the floor at The Staples Center.


Ok, now that I’ve lost half of you with an obscure-ish video game reference, I’ve got something exciting to share! I had the amazing privilege of photographing the LA Clippers versus the Golden State Warriors on Saturday from the floor at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This was seriously one of the coolest things I have ever done. Not only was this the first NBA game I have ever been to, it was also the first basketball game I have ever photographed, talk about some pressure! Arriving early, myself, and my friends and fellow shooters who came along, Sarah and Emily, got a chance to meet up with Andy Bernstein, Director of Photography for the Staples Center, got my credentials, and then had a quick tour of the inner workings of the press room and gear storage. Andy and his assistant Johnny were great guides and hosts and awesome people to meet; not to mention, amazing photographers as well, make sure to take a look at Andy’s work.

The staff was a great help as well, giving directions and helping me navigate around the huge center.Standing on the floor and looking up at all the seats really made you feel small out there.I got to prep my gear, then headed out to shoot the first quarter from slot 4 on the Warriors side. The action was insane, and shooting was tough, switching back and forth from a Canon 1Ds Mark III with a 70-200mm lens for down-court shots, and a Canon 1D Mark IV with a 24-70mm for the up close action.

After that, I took the 2nd and 3rd quarter to wander and photograph all through the center, before returning to shoot out along side Andy in the number 13 slot for the final period. The game was great, really face paced, and both teams really played hard. In the end the Clippers prevailed, beating the Warriors 112 to 104. Afterwards, Andy walked myself, Sarah, and Emily around the floor, showing us where he had placed remote cameras to capture all the action, and he snapped a photo of the three of us as a memento. As I said before, this was an amazing experience, and I am thankful to have been given the opportunity. That being said, there are some huge personal thankyous in order. First off, thank you to Rich Fuller and Andy Bernstein for setting the whole thing up and offering me the opportunity. Thanks again to Andy and Johnny for being such great hosts, and thank you to the staff of the Staples Center for all their help as well. Lastly,   thank you to the Clippers and Warriors for a very exciting game. This was a day I definitely won’t be forgetting.

Let me know what you guys think of my shots!


PS: Here’s me on the floor, camera in each hand! Haha!

Freedom from the “Dark Days” of compressed video. The New Digital Bolex D16 Digital Cinema Camera.

Ok, ok, ok, I’m really excited to be able to finally tell you guys about this exciting new camera. My good friend Joe Rubinstein has had this camera in the works for a while now and I’ve had to keep quiet about it until now! This post might get a bit nerdy techie, but bear with me, because this is awesome! The D16 Digital Bolex Camera is the first digital cinema camera to shoot RAW video in an affordable package. This is really exciting for people who want high quality video with the functionality and control of RAW, without the high cost usually associated with this technology. The D16 will feature a Kodak CCD sensor in a format similar to Super 16 film, capable of 2k capture in 12 bit, in frame rates of up to 32 fps at 2K, 60fps at 720p, 90 fps at 480p. You can check out the full specs over here: D16 Spec Sheet. Joe and the crew over at DigitalBolex.com have opened up a Kickstarter page to help get the project rolling, and to start production on the first run of cameras, please check it out and help out if you can! They have already reached their first goal, in about one day I might add, but they could use more! Again, I am super excited about this, and very proud to see an awesome friend have their dreams start to come to life. Please check out the site, camera, and the video below. And, congratulations to Joe and all the others involved, I wish you the best! PS, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and try it out!


Bolex Spot: Storybook from Digital Bolex on Vimeo.

There’s gonna be a few changes ’round here.

Hey there everyone! So, I have a bit of news for you. I’m in the process of making some changes to how JOESHOOTSME.COM looks on the web. We have a new website in development, this new blog, a new Facebook fan page, and the old Twitter is getting a facelift as well. I ask that you guys bear with us during the growing pains, and please don’t mind the dust and loud construction noises to follow. During this time you can still get in touch with me the usual ways, which I will list here at the end of the post. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop me a line, however is easiest for you. That all said, please keep all limbs inside the car and hold on tight, we’re in for an exciting ride.


E: joe@joeshootsme.com     P: 845.559.7636     Twitter.com/JOESHOOTSME