LA Rooftop Massacre.

A few weeks back I got to meet up with my friend Megan Massacre in Los Angeles for a busy day of photo  making! It’s always great when friends from back East come out and visit, especially when we can work on new projects together. This image is one of the first ones we can release, and it’s a bit of a teaser for all the other awesome shots we got, it was used for her interview about her new TV special on TLC over at Life Goes Strong . You can check out Megan’s tattoo work over at her website, and see her on TLC’s New York Ink. Thanks again to Megan, Jordan (for being an awesome assistant and huge help), Kym Fregoso (for wardrobe) and Joe for the awesome location on a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for more images from this day! I’ll leave you with a great candid that Jordan was able to snag when we were checking out some shots.


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